AI Powered LMS

Talent Edge Learn an AI Powered LMS

Artificial Intelligence, automation, adaptive learning, and personalized competency-based learning.

Robust Course Management. Talent Edge Learn offers end-to-end course management functionalities. It allows you to build courses from scratch, create tests for learner evaluation, and monitor the progress of your students. What’s more, it lets you record training metrics, support file sharing in-platform, and even encourage student interaction through web conferencing and forums.

Administrative Options. What makes Talent Edge Learn different from other LMS tools is that it also offers quite a few administrative tools. For example, it comes with multi-organization structure support, certification management, and ITL support. Moreover, it has highly customizable user permissions and reporting options.

Convenient Course Marketplace. Not everyone has the time to create courses from scratch. This is why Talent Edge Learn has a marketplace where managers can simply shop for ready-made courses that will help them with their training program. 

Scheduling training for remote employees can be challenging. We found with a combination of  our applied learning labs followed up with our AI Learning management system we are able to increase application for individuals, teams, and entire organizations.

  • AI Powered self-paced learning 24/7
  • Customized portal to your organization
  • Connected to Core Competencies
  • Individual learner, team progress reporting
  • Assign courses, assessments, quizzes gamifications, badges
  • Quality content customized with video, lab work